Life, Pastel Nagomi Art

My sharing after 2nd workshop


同学们都是第一次接触粉彩。同学们乐在其中。我也乐在分享中。💪🏻 有些同学觉得粉粉的颜色很自愈。🥰

The second pastel workshop was successfully completed! The theme for this round is “Life is a beautiful scenery”. We always use trees to represent living things. Trees is the power of life. Life is not just the destination. We learn and enjoy the scenery along the way to the destination. Live and Love our life.

Today is the 1st trial class for the students to experience with this special pastel arts. Some students share with me that soft colors of the pastel gives calmness and self-healing. They feel awesome to complete their 1st pastel artwork by themselves. 👏🏻


Focusing on spreading love and hope



Today, the teacher’s words reminded me again. Skills are important, but they are more important to the concept and communication of painting. Remember, we have to convey the concept of hope and love, it is more important than painting with the difficult skills. We have to make people feel confidence and love the process of painting.