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Be good to myself


2019 年将会是一个好年。

Be good to myself when walking over from 2018 to 2019.

Have a great year ahead.


His little friend


During school holidays, his little friend came over to play with him and I let him try the pastel painting. They love to paint with fingers. They painted a Christmas tree. Good job!

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Pastel Nagomi Art

One little flower

《一朵小花》 这主题简单又有意思。




“One Little Flower” – This theme is simple and interesting.

It is very meaningful to give a hand-painted flower to parents, partner, kids, family members, friends or yourselves.

The students are the first to this pastels art. Everyone has a good grasp.

The students freely exert their imagination and paint the little flower nicely. Well done.

Pastel Nagomi Art





I love to draw circle from a point to a small circle to a big circle. The circle is very varied and very cool. The circle means perfection or complete for me.

The theme of the fourth pastel workshop is Circle & Fate. I love this theme but I find it difficult to express the message I want to convey in words, especially to find a good English word to describe the fate. I really have a lot to learn regarding this.

Fortunately, the students are still happy to enjoy the time of painting. The students all painted well. 💪🏻

Life, Pastel Nagomi Art






From the first class till the third class of today, I feel that my teaching of today is the most comfortable one. From the introduction of today’s theme till the demo, I think I am getting better than previous. The mood of teaching is also very pleasant.

Today’s theme is simple and interesting, “Smile.” The warm, smiling sun makes people feel good. Smile always to let go your worries!

All students are the first to pastel art. Everyone agrees that this is kinda special painting technique. Everyone enjoys the painting session.

Let’s check out the pastel artwork that done by them, they are so cute!

Life, Pastel Nagomi Art

Life is beautiful journey


同学们都是第一次接触粉彩。同学们乐在其中。我也乐在分享中。💪🏻 有些同学觉得粉粉的颜色很自愈。🥰

The second pastel workshop was successfully completed! The theme for this round is “Life is a beautiful scenery”. We always use trees to represent living things. Trees is the power of life. Life is not just the destination. We learn and enjoy the scenery along the way to the destination. Live and Love our life.

Today is the 1st trial class for the students to experience with this special pastel arts. Some students share with me that soft colors of the pastel gives calmness and self-healing. They feel awesome to complete their 1st pastel artwork by themselves. 👏🏻